There is the annoyance that you have to wear other crumpled and unwashed pants

in a hurry in the morning.


The jeans hole is sure to be found after going out.


It spoils the mood of the day.


There is a waste of time and money for repairs.


Wearing jeans with crotch repair creates a sense of atrophy.


You can't buy high-quality jeans as you like, and you need to buy multiple cheap jeans.


The sadness of parting with jeans like a friend.


This is a pain that only experienced people know.

Are you sympathetic to this?


I am also sympathetic enough.

Because I have experienced a breakup with over 100 jeans in my life.


Our healthy thighs are not guilty.

Why no one makes jeans for us?

One Day of death of jeans in  2017. 

 I decided to end this. So the solution project started. 


I studied this solution in terms of molecular gastronomy.


LIMBURG lab & factory (Seoul/Korea)

Since my major is food research, I found the answer in the food

(yellow bean) Soybean is an eco-friendly material and has good quality oil.


 Development principles and process

  1. Identifying the cause of crotch holes.
  2. Products with naturalistic ingredients that are harmless to the human body.
  3. Selection and formulation of materials to reduce wear.
  3. Making various types of prototypes.
  4. Practical testing.


Searching and compounding test for compound materials that can increase the effect. 


 Early prototype samples.

(Over 50 experimental prototypes were made with various composition and ratios)


On average, I walked more than 10,000 steps a day, and if I walked this much as usual, my jeans would have a crotch hole in 1 month, but I hadn't had a hole in 6 months, and only a little wear occurred. 


 I tested the wear strength with an industrial sanding machine because it took too long to test all prototypes by walking.

   Self-test history

  • Jul  2017  Start of research 

  • Jan 2018  prototype development 

  • Feb 2018  Self-test Start / Add ingredients and adjust the ratio according to the test. 

  • Dec 2018 Self-Test End


I wanted to get reviews from real users. 

From April 2019 to February 2020  


- 200 ea products were provided to test users.
- The response rate of about 200 users in total is about 40% (80 people)

  1. No jeans hole at all/ 51 people (43%)
  2. Wear was  reduced / 43 persons (36%)
  3. Not often used But it seems to work. /19 people (16%)
  4. Effect judgment is difficult /5 people (4%)
  5. Other/ 2 people (1.7%)

The total positive response rate was 80% of the total of 80 respondents (64 people)

  •  I was always worried about the hole in the crotch of the jeans, but when I used Save My jeans, there is still no hole. 

  •  Even if I wanted to buy high-quality jeans, I was hesitant because of the hole, but I am so happy that I can buy it now.

  •  I used it on the crotch of worn jeans, but it still doesn't have a hole and is holding on well.

  •  It is convenient to use and has good spreadability. It doesn't even stain. Highly recommended.

  •  I wear inexpensive jeans because of the hole, but when I use it, it is coated and I can't see any wear. I'm going to buy quality jeans.







The brand name of SAVE MY JEAN was inspired by the brand -Save My Bag

Save My Bag was born from a bag that protects a luxury bag.


Logo Design







A strong shield that protects your jeans from wear and tear.  

Starting from the image that prevents the danger of the shield, the current design is completed.

Through this motive and process,

SAVE MY JEAN was born.


Hope through this project

I launched this project in hopes of sympathizing with you who have the same experience and pain as me and hoping to enjoy the wonderful jeans fashion life together.

If your jeans have been alive for a long time later, please encourage me.

Why I'm passionate about this project.

  • There are no products with the same purpose yet.

  • First, uniqueness thrills me crazy.

  • Through this product, I want to meet many suffering people like me Because I want to comfort the pain of my creation from those people.


The value of this project I think.

  •  Emotional stability with long coexistence. 

  • The right of fashion without sewing repair.        

  •  Economical cost savings without repurchase.





  • BUZAWAY.LLC (sale 2020)

3625 Savannah Pl 235 DULUTH  GA 30096. USA

  • LIMBURG lab & factory (manufacture 2010)

No 402.44-35 Yeoui-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu  Seoul. KOREA